eReader Review: Kobo Aura One

Last month, I was lucky enough to get a new Kobo Aura One eReader, Kobo’s newest device that was engineered start to finish with the help of their customers. Sold out in many places until next year, the Kobo Aura One is Kobo’s new flagship eInk device that has been called “the greatest eReader of all time.”

The Kobo Aura One in its natural habitat.

In addition to standard details like a high-definition screen resolution, access to articles saved from Pocket, and accessibility features like adjustable font faces and sizes, the Aura One boasts a number of new reader-first features, like a bigger screen that mimics the size of a print book,  a red-shift screen light, and a waterproof design. You can also natively borrow library books from public libraries and Overdrive (no more sideloading!). In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that while this is not a sponsored post, I do work at Kobo and this device was a gift from the company.

Comparison of the Aura One (left) and Glo (right) in size and tone of light.

Before the Aura One, my go-to eReader was the first-generation Kobo Glo, which features a six-inch eInk screen with a one-setting front light. I have always enjoyed reading on my Glo and have purchased several as gifts for friends and family. I’ve also done some reading on the Kobo iOS app on my phone, and on a Kobo Touch (my first device), and a Kobo Arc tablet. Of these different platforms, I’ve always preferred the Glo. I liked that I could turn pages with one hand on the bus; I liked that the light didn’t hurt my eyes after a long reading session like a computer screen did; and I liked that I could throw one device filled with dozens (hundreds!) of books into my bag and never be without something to read while vacationing or in a waiting room.

Now that I’ve read several books on the Aura One, I can say that the reading experience exceeds my expectations after being a Glo devotee. Reading on the 7.8 inch touchscreen feels more like reading a real book, and the page turns feel faster. I like being able to adjust the warmth of the reading light and that you can set it to shift tones based on time of day, although I haven’t tried reading with the full red shift at night yet. You can also set the device to go to sleep or turn off after a set period of time, to help conserve the battery; as a person who has been surprised more than once with an uncharged eReader after she left it asleep for a couple weeks, this is a welcome addition. The screen resolution is sharper, and the device responds to my touch more more quickly than the Glo. And! The new sleepcover has this clever magnetic panel that lets you prop up the Aura One, so you can read hands-free (I believe this brilliant idea was invented by one of Kobo’s own employees). This is perhaps my favourite feature, as it makes reading over meals much more enjoyable. I am wholly converted and I don’t think I could go back to my Touch now.

It stands!

The only complaints I have about the Aura One is that this is much more of a two-handed device for me; as a tiny-handed person, it’s more difficult to hold the device in one hand and flip the pages. It also takes up more room in a purse and I am pretty sure you would be hard pressed to fit this one into a pocket at all. The brightness of the light is also a little finicky – I was expecting a button to control the light, as on the Glo, but on the Aura One there’s a very sensitive on-screen slider that gives you too many options for screen brightness. These are my only grievances about the Aura One so far but they’re not enough to turn me away from this device.

As a person who reads print and eBooks about equally, I have felt more excited about reading digitally on the Aura One than reading a paper book since I got the device. I’ve also found myself reading more and in longer sessions, and enjoying my reading experience more. If you can get your hands on an Aura One, I think you’ll find that your reading habits are changed for the better too.

Do you read digitally at all? Tell me how you do it and your favourite places to eRead!

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