Hire Kelsea

Hire me to edit or proofread your manuscript, or design the cover for your book!

I have an M.A. in English and a graduate certificate in Creative Book Publishing with a specialization in editing. I have experience editing scripts, resumes & cover letters, non-fiction, essays, short stories, newsletters and more! I am professional, efficient, and work quickly. I also have experience evaluating manuscripts for publication.

Contact me with the specifications for your project, and I will give you a quote. Email me at hirekelseaoconnor at gmail dot com.


“I recently had the pleasure to work with Kelsea O’Connor. She edited my spec tv script. I found her comments helpful and positive. And my script is better because of her skills. I recommend Kelsea because she is knowledgeable and positive. I’d use her editing talents again.” – M.A.

“Last year I was working on a project that included editing a book about the topic of criminal policy and translating it to English. This was part of my student job at a university. Since English is not my native language, I asked Kelsea if she was willing to read through my work and to check the translation for spelling, grammar and word usage mistakes. I sent her a few documents at a time and every time she was very quick in giving me extensive feedback. Not only did she do a good job on correcting my work, but she also wanted to make sure I learned from my mistakes by giving extra comments and explaining grammar and language rules. I found Kelsea a very helpful editor who is very committed to the work she does.” – J.T.

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